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Guided tour with curator Heather Davis
Mediation activity
Sunday March, 17 | 11:00 am
Place : Departure from the World Trade Center, 747 Rue du Square-Victoria, Montreal, QC, Canada

Price : $8/person
Free for children under 12

We warmly invite you to join us during this 16th edition for guided tours led by curators Sonia Robertson and Heather Davis. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to discover the exhibited works from a fresh perspective, guided by the profound expertise of these curators.

“How do we live in a world that is damaged, while paying attention to the beauty, love, and care that is still here? The artists in this series foreground environmental justice, queer ecology, and speculative futurity to imagine how to persist, stubbornly refusing to give up on better worlds, forged in the aftermath of colonial climates.”
– Heather Davis, co-curators of the festival

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