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Aware of our impact on the environment, we have set ourselves the goal of minimizing our ecological footprint over a period of three years and communicating transparently about the progress made, as well as the challenges we will encounter throughout the process.

We welcome a resource person who will help us integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of our activities and identify long-term improvement opportunities.

The 16th edition of the Art Souterrain Festival adopts a sustainable approach to its installations by using environmentally friendly materials: ConVerd Board, entirely recyclable, and vinyl posters without PVC glue, chlorine, or halogens. We also commit to opting for more responsible transportation methods, maximizing our movements during the festival setup. We encourage volunteers and technicians to follow this approach by prioritizing public transportation.

A sustainable visit

Festival-goers wishing to join us on the path to a sustainable experience can do so through simple actions on the Festival site:

  • Using reusable products such as water bottles and cloth bags for snacks
  • Taking containers and waste home for proper disposal and recycling
  • Using public transportation to get to the festival site
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