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Imani Jacqueline Brown
United Kingdom
Scott Eustis

Lieu d’exposition
/ Exhibition place

Centre Eaton Niveau Métro / Underground, œuvre / artwork n°4
print | video


Imani Jacqueline Brown is an artist, activist, writer, and architectural researcher from New Orleans, based in London. Her work investigates the “continuum of extractivism”, which spans from settler-colonial genocide and slavery to fossil fuel production and climate change. In exposing the layers of violence and resistance that form the foundations of settler-colonial society, she opens space to imagine paths to ecological reparations. Her research is disseminated internationally through art installations, public actions, reports, and testimony delivered to courts and organs of the United Nations.

Approach and works on display

Follow the Oil (2018)

Follow the Oil is an interactive platform to map oil and gas infrastructure in Louisiana by company. Through an interactive “scrolly-telling” narrative, the public is invited into this investigative report that shows the companies responsible for the erosion of Louisiana’s coastline, where approximately one football field of land is lost every forty-five minutes.The erosion of the delta compels us to reckon with the fundamental instability and erasures caused by settler-colonialism. In a powerful example of the radical uses of mapping, tracing the well, canal and pipeline permits issued by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Imani Jacqueline Brown has visualized a path for holding corporations accountable for their culpability in public health crises, ecological collapse, heritage destruction and climate change.


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