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Soleil Launière
courtesy of the artist

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Originally from the Innu community of Mashteuiatsh, Soleil Launière lives and works in Tiöhtià:ke (Montreal). She is a transdisciplinary artist combining song, movement, theater, installation and performance art. She often uses experimental multimedia to create a sense of spiritual in-betweenness. Her work is presented across continents. In 2019, she presented Umanishish at Usine C, directed Nikamotan-Nicto shown at the Place des Festivals, and performed Là où le sang se mêle (Where blood mingles) at the NAC and Le Diamant. In 2020, she founded her company, Production AUEN, and unveiled her second production, Sheuetamu. That same year, she co-directed Courir l’Amérique (Running America) at Théâtre Quat’ Sous and became an associate artist at the National Theatre School of Canada. In 2021, she presented Meshtitau at the Festival Trans-Amérique. In 2023, Soleil Launière was an artistic consultant to Mirari and Robert Lepage for the Oaxaca 2025 World Expo. That same year, she became a mother, published her play Akuteu with Remue-ménage and released her first musical album, Taueu.

Approach and works on display

Soleil Launière’s work is inspired by her own experiences, myths and the spirits of animals. She creates passages between visible and invisible worlds, delving into different realities such as her two-spirit identity and her dual cultural heritage, both Innu and Québécoise. Sensitive and powerful, her presence, like her voice and her work, leaves no one indifferent. Her performance delves into the birth at the birth of her daughter, an extremely powerful 55-hour labor, marked by various stages, each more intense than the last. Through this artistic expression, she seeks to poetically recreate the minutes of the 3h22min push in a symbolic way, to honor the moment when her daughter passed from one universe to another while her body lost a lot of blood. In the fetal position, surrounded by red pearl ivy, she invites passers-by to experience the transition from one universe to another.


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