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Catherine Boivin
Catherine Boivin

Lieu d’exposition
/ Exhibition place

Place Montréal Trust Sous-sol / Underground, œuvre / artwork n°2
installation | video


Strongly inspired by the Atikamekw culture, the work of Catherine Boivin opens reflections on current events, modernity, and history. The artist addresses themes particularly relevant to Indigenous peoples, such as the role of women, beauty standards, forced sterilizations, land occupation, and colonialism. In doing so, Catherine Boivin deconstructs stereotypical views (both positive and negative) and offers a personal and contemporary interpretation of her culture. A fan of running, weightlifting and sports, the artist deepens her understanding of corporeality by questioning how physical endurance is embodied in cultural practices, from nomadism to the present day. She works with painting, sculpture, and performance while exploring mediums such as video, sound, and digital drawing. Through her performances, the artist creates her own healing rituals and performs acts to radiate resilience onto wounds.

Originally from the Wemotaci community, Catherine Boivin is an Atikamekw Nehirowisiw living in the Abenaki community of Odanak. She notably participated in the group exhibition De tabac et de foin d’odeur. Là où sont nos rêves (2019, Musée de Joliette). First presented at daphne, an autonomously managed Indigenous art center (2022, Tio’tia:ke /Montreal), Nikotwaso is her first solo exhibition. Since 2022, she has been a member of the board of directors of Wapikoni Mobile. As a marathon runner, a fancy shawl dancer, a speaker, and an activist, Catherine Boivin juggles several roles, including that of a content creator, to raise awareness about Indigenous issues on social media.

Approach and works on display

Sans titre (2023)

These are videos made on the TikTok platform. The primary goal of these videos is to raise awareness about Indigenous cultures through humor. I also share moments from my daily life as an Indigenous mother, events I have participated in, and some sketches that I have created. Most are based on real-life experiences, while others depict the reality of being Indigenous in the modern world. It’s important for me to represent Indigenous people as they are today. We are not characters from the past, but we are individuals contributing to today’s society.


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