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Armando Cuspinera
Mauricio Godoy

Lieu d’exposition
/ Exhibition place

Place Ville Marie Rez-de-chaussée / Ground Floor, œuvre / artwork n°6


Armando Cuspinera is a multidisciplinary artist from Veracruz, Mexico. He is currently residing in Montreal and pursuing an MFA in Sculpture and Ceramics at Concordia University. He holds a MDes in Industrial Design from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a BFA in Visual Arts from the Universidad De Las Américas. In 2023 he participated in the exhibition A.llegadxs at FOFA gallery in Montreal. In 2022 he participated in XLII Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven in Aguascalientes, Mexico. In 2021 he completed an artistic residency in ceramics at ÁnforaStudio, located in Mexico City. His work seeks to make use of the language of everyday objects through traditional techniques and modern technologies to propose ways to relate to the world, with the ecologies that are formed and the living beings that conform it.

Approach and works on display

I believe in the potential to change the world by proposing new ways of experiencing and understanding it. Recognizing the significance of objects and their influence on our human experience, I seek to modify them, consequently altering our relationship with the world. Embracing a multidisciplinary perspective, I integrate both new technologies and primordial disciplines to develop a practice that views humans as part of nature, not above it. It is crucial to contextualize my practice so that art becomes infused with life, not detached from it. Everyday objects, as conduits to broader ecologies, link us to other elements of our shared world—other species, ecosystems, weather—underscoring the profound influence they hold in our lives.

Mountainless Mountain (2022-2024)

Is it possible to become a mountain? To nurture life and take care of other species through our traditions? Is it possible to remember that we are part of nature itself, and that our everyday actions significantly impact other species and the ecosystems itself? This project explores our connection with plants, emphasizing how our everyday actions impact other species and ecosystems. Through the medium of ceramics, I present sculptural vessels designed to accommodate multiple plants, blurring the lines between symbolism and functionality. These vessels embody the intricate bond we share with the natural world, prompting us to acknowledge us as part of nature and not above it. The project aims to foster awareness of the importance of nature, urging us to feel the weather and appreciate the significance of every life. Drawing inspiration from historical flower vessels and vases—such as tulipieres (tulip-holder)—, the project envisions functional sculptures, acting as an intermediary between humans and plants.


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