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Ryth Kesselring
Véronique Messier

Lieu d’exposition
/ Exhibition place

Place de la Cité Internationale Rez-de-chaussée / Ground Floor, œuvre / artwork n°4
installation | print


Born in Switzerland, Ryth Kesselring moved to Quebec during her childhood. Her interdisciplinary research practice focuses on textile, electronic and sound art. She expanded her research during several artistic residencies, including at the Icelandic Textile Center in Blönduós, at Eastern Bloc in Montreal, and recently at the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg, Austria. She has worked on several research projects as a research assistant, notably at Studio subTela, where she contributed to the development of interactive embroideries and flexible electronic circuits.

Ryth Kesselring is a MFA candidate in studio arts at Concordia University, specializing in textiles. She received prestigious scholarships from the Fonds de recherches du Québec (Société et Culture), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and she was recently honored with the Yvonne L. Bombardier scholarship in Visual Arts. Ryth Kesselring’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Biennale de sculpture de Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and the Arte Documento gallery in Mexico. She lives and works in Montérégie and regularly leads creative workshops and classes at various levels in different schools.

Approach and works on display

Web of Connections (2022-2023)

Web of Connections is an in situ installation featuring a network of lines that create geometric shapes in an organic, uneven landscape. In the gallery, photographs of this outdoor intervention are displayed alongside new geometries made with the same linen threads. Inspired by the inaudible voices of flora, the installation challenges simplistic perceptions within Western thought about non-human communication systems. The soundscape and installation illustrate webs of intersections, a mesh of interdependencies within natural ecosystems, and a complex network vulnerable to drastic changes in the environment.

Digital prints, sound and linen thread
Outdoor in situ installation in collaboration with 44 larch trees (larix laricina)
with linen threads, lime paint, and clay
Various dimensions
Soundscape 9:36 min


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