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Le Comité
They / Ils
Marose Photo

Lieu d’exposition
/ Exhibition place

Centre Eaton Rez-de-chaussée / Ground Floor, œuvre / artwork n°1


Le Comité, a non-profit work cooperative, has been taking on public and collective space design projects since 2017. Formed by professionals in urban design, industrial design, event design and researchers, the cooperative offers urban design services for social innovation through a collaborative approach. Le Comité works on projects ranging from event and art installations to the complete development of public spaces, managing the entire development process from creation to realization. Through an innovative process of consultation and collaboration, the cooperative places the minimization of environmental impact and the sustainability of the installations at the core of its creations. Its specialization in event design also enables the cooperative to create evolving and original development programs, taking into account the temporal and social dimensions of each intervention. With a mission to improve quality of life in light of social and environmental challenges, the cooperative adopts a rigorous and inclusive approach in which design and art become development and intervention tools for reclaiming public space.

Approach and works on display

Chemin de désir (2024)

The installation Chemin de désir plays with the contrast between the external and internal aspects of the pavillon.Glossy black metal panels on the exterior wall reflect urban aesthetics shaped by productivity and overconsumption. Openings at each end of the installation resemble pathways formed by passersby. At its core, the installation offers a dense and abundant space: a natural refuge dedicated to reclaiming public space. Represented by a desire path (ligne de désir), this reappropriation symbolizes pedestrians’ spontaneous routes, prioritizing comfort over “official” paths. The use of willow, a native shrub in Quebec, as a central element is deliberate. It highlights its ecological benefits in landscaping and soil decontamination, with an intention to connect elements of contradictory nature, to reveal the possibility of their coexistence, and to raise awareness of their value. With a mission to reclaim and redesign public spaces, Le Comité presents a work that blurs the boundaries between public and private realms, leading us to reinvent urban spaces amidst ecological transition.

A creation of the cooperative Le Comité

Pierre Moro-Lin
Emilie Gagnon
Maxim Bonin
Xavier Massicotte
Florence Bonhomme
Laurie Éthier

Alizée Fontanez
Lou Renaud
Marianne Demers
Marc-Alexandre Landry
Théo Chauvirey
Claire Blanchard

In collaboration with Biomasse Évolution, an eco-responsible nursery specializing in the cultivation, distribution and planting of fast-growing willow.


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