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Ludovic Boney
Olivier Thétrault

Lieu d’exposition
/ Exhibition place

Centre Eaton Niveau Métro / Underground, œuvre / artwork n°2
photography | print | video


Born in Wendake, Ludovic Boney grew up in the neighbouring city of Quebec, where he studied sculpture. In 2002, along with four other artists, he co-founded The Bloc 5, an artistic production studio where he carried out his first public art projects. He now lives in Bellechasse and has been working in Lévis since 2015. He has completed several large-scale public art projects in various locations, including the École de Technologie Supérieur de Montréal (2019) and the Musée national des Beaux-Arts de Québec (2016). He regularly takes part in major art events and presents his work in museums and artist-run centers in Quebec and Canada. In 2006, he received the Coup de Coeur award from the Musée des beaux-arts de Québec. Nominated for the Sobey Award in 2017, he also received grants from SODEC, the Arts Councils and the Hnatyshyn Foundation. His works are part of several private and public collections in Canada and France.

Approach and works on display


Mémoires ennoyées (Flooded memories) is Ludovic Boney’s first completely successful and powerful photographic body of work. With the help of an echo-sounder, a process used by fishermen, he captured these images at the Manicouagan astrobloom, in the territory of the Pessamiulnuat people. This crater has been flooded since the construction of the Daniel-Johnson dam in 1969, yet it still harbors an underwater forest. Through his art, the artist has successfully rendered the invisible visible. The work recounts an ecological tragedy, a tyranny exercised by man over nature. Mémoires ennoyées is primarily about resistance and resilience, a powerful tribute to the land.

“The trees are admirably preserved,” explains the artist, “and the images returned by the probe reveal ghostly forests, still standing, with the heads of the great black spruce cradled by the currents, as they would be in the wind. The images in Mémoires ennoyées bear witness to a world that has passed, sunken, but which refuses to disappear. They are the sleeping memories and illusions of the ancients, waiting patiently to be reborn when the time of mankind is over.”


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